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My 16 year old son was getting extremely tired working out with his wrestling team. I ordered your ADRENO-PLUS for him and his energy has doubled. Thanks for a great, safe product.
--Pamela Bonet


I was having such afternoon energy slumps that I would put my head down on my desk and even take a 20 minute nap. I started yourADRENO-PLUS and I no longer need my afternoon naps and I come home from work and actually have energy to make dinner and clean up the house. Thanks for a wonderful product.
--Helen Rhodes


I've tried a lot of "energy" formulas but they always made me feel nervous and jittery and then I would have a crash the next day. I love your ADRENO-PLUS because it gives me a even type of energy that sustains me through the day.
--Hank Zender



I got Giardia when I went to Mexico and I didn't want to take the drug my doctor wanted to give me for it because of the side effects. I had a lot of gas and bloat and diarrhea no matter what I ate. My Chiropractor told me about your ANTI-PARASITE II. I was so happy to find it. I took it for 1 month and was re-tested. I was clear and I never did have to take the drug. I'm so thankful for your formula.
--Mary Wakefield


I have 4 cats and I'm always cleaning their litter boxes. I started feeling tired and having a lot of gas. I was tested and I had some worms, probably from the cats. I took the ANTI-PARASITE II and the lab came back normal. I now put my cats on your PARACIN and I don't have to worry. I also wear gloves when I clean the litter box.
--Ann Bentwood


I eat sushi and I know that's how I got a parasite in the past. I now take 3 capsules of your ANTI-PARASITE II every time I eat sushi and the day after and I haven't had a problem since. 
--Matt Collins



I was on birth control pills for seven years. I was having terrible gas and bloat with alternating diarrhea and constipation with everything I was eating. I hated leaving my house. I had been to dozens of doctors and had every test they could think of. I was given the diagnosis of stress, irritable bowel, colitis and enzyme deficiency. After talking to you I realized I had candidiasis and I started your candida program including the CAND-X. I can't believe how great I'm doing. The gas and bloat are gone and my bowels are normal. I actually have a flat stomach with no more pain. This is a great product and I'm so glad I found out what was wrong with me.

--Michele De Carlo


After a 4 week course of antibiotics for a severe case of bronchitis, I have been struggling with vaginal yeast infections for years. I have tried all kinds of over the counter suppositories and creams, but the yeast always comes back. I started following your candida diet and taking your probiotics and your CAND-X and I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling. I haven't had a yeast infection for months now. Thank you so much
--Lucy Gaines


I have terrible eczema and have been on steroids for years. I started having a lot of intestinal problems, fatigue and problems focusing. I read your article and realized that I had Candidiasis. I've been on your candida diet and the CAND-X for several months now and I'm beginning to feel my old self again. Thank you for all of your help.
--Tony Cook



I was always getting colds and sore throats. Whenever I traveled, went to a conference, didn't get enough sleep or over-exerted myself I would get sick. I have tried a lot of different herbal combinations, but DEFENSE BUILDER is the only one that has really kept me healthy. I'm so happy to have found this formular. I also love your ECHINACEA & GOLDENSEAL COMBINATION. Thanks for some really superior products.

--Tammy Springer


My daughter, Brittany, was constantly bringing home colds from school. She'd get sick, then her brother, then me and then her father. We were delighted to find your DEFENSE BUILDER II. We all take it now twice daily and haven't been sick since. Thank you soooo much for such a great formula!
--Emily Hope


I fly a lot for my job. Before taking DEFENSE BUILDER II I dreaded getting on a plane, but now my resistance is so much better that I'm not getting sick anymore when I fly. I combine the DEFENSE BUILDER II with your ECHINACEA & GOLDENSEAL COMBINATION if I feel I really need a boost. Thanks for these powerful formulas.
-- Christian Geer



My daughter Kallie was having a terrible time with acne breakouts. We tried all of the lotions and creams and antibiotics. We were doubtful when we started using the DERMA-GLO, but it has been amazing. Her skin is glowing and even the acne scars are starting to fade. All of her friends want to know what producs she's using. Thank you so much for helping my daughter.

--Linda Page


I'm 55 years old and I began having problems with acne. I've always had good skin, but my doctor said it can happen with menopause. She offered some antibiotics, but I didn't want to take them because they always make me feel sick. My friend told me about your DERMA-GLOand I can't say enough good things about it. It has completely cleared up my skin and I do have a glow now. I love this product.
--Mary Coltier


I was getting a rash on my neck that wouldn't go away. I would put cortisone cream on it but it would always come back. I started yourDERMA-GLO and within a few days it went away and I haven't had it since. What a fabulous product.
--Shelly Murray


I'm in my late 50's now and I noticed that I started getting some dark spots on my skin and that my skin was losing it's elasticity. I started taking your DERMA-GLO and within a few weeks I could see my skin looking clearer and the dark spots were fading. My friends at work asked what I was doing because my skin looked so good. I really love this product and I'm so glad I found it. Sincerely, 
--Danielle Walters



I was always very athletic throughout my whole life. I played golf and tennis, skied and rode bikes. I injured both my knees and my shoulder doing sports which resulted in arthritis. I tried all of the NSAIDs which helped a little but raised my liver enzymes and irritated my stomach. I found out about EZ MOTION III from a friend and started taking it right away. I can't believe how much better I feel. The pain has greatly subsided and I definitely have more range of motion and flexibility. Thank you for your amazing product.

--Rob Williams


My finger joints were so painful and swollen that I could hardly bend them. They would click and crunch and get stuck whenever I tried. After taking EZ MOTION III for 1 week, my hands feel like new. Now I can bend them with no pain! Thank You!
--Lucy Cessna


I have suffered from leg and hip pain for many years. Sitting or standing for long periods of time caused extreme pain. My doctor said I was getting old and had arthritis. Arthritis runs in my family and my father was crippled with it and in a wheel chair. I could not tolerate any of the drugs my doctor prescribed. My husband heard about the EZ MOTION III and bought me a bottle. It has truly been a miracle for me. The pain is dramatically better and I'm much more comfortable when I walk and sit.
--Ethel Morgan



My doctor said I needed to get off the Tagamet I had been taking for a few years. He said it was not a good idea to stay on it indefinitely and that my liver enzymes were elevating from it. I didn't know what to take in it's place. My brother told me about your GASTRO-SOOTHE, and I couldn't be happier. My stomach feels normal now. I'm not having stomach pain and burning and acid reflux. This is a great product!

--Rick Huston


I used to get a lot of stomach acidity with most things I ate and if I waited too long between meals. It's such a relief to have something natural to take when my stomach is upset. Thank you so much for your GASTRO-SOOTHEit's really helped me.
--Sarah Miller


I love your GASTRO-SOOTHE. I take it with every meal and it seems to act as a digestive aid and I don't get the stomach irritation that I used to get a lot of times when I ate. Thanks for this fabulous product.
--Jackie Moser



GLUCOSTABIL has been a life-saver for me. I was having terrible problems with blood sugar dips and sugar cravings. My doctor tested me and said I had low blood sugar-Hypoglycemia- and told me to cut out sugar because that makes it even worse. I started using yourGLUCOSTABIL to help me with my cravings. I noticed it not only helped with the cravings but it also gave me energy and helped me focus. Thanks for such a superior product.
--Diane Rybach


I have really bad PMS and with it I get crazy sugar cravings. My friend told me about yourGLUCOSTABIL. She said it really helps her and that I should take your WOMAN'S RHYTHM too for the PMS. I ordered both and what a change. My PMS is so much better and my cravings are gone. I feel like a new person and I don't dread that time of the month anymore. Sincerely,
--LeAnn Larson


I have the worst sugar cravings at night. About an hour after dinner, I can eat a whole bag of cookies or a pint of ice cream. My sister told me to try your GLUCOSTABIL and I ordered it right away. My cravings are incredibly better. I take the GLUCOSTABIL 2-3 times a day so it's in my system and at night I've just been having a piece of fruit. This formula has really made a huge difference in my life. Thank You!
--Pamela Farrell



I was having terrible sinus headaches during the spring and summer and on windy days. Sometimes they would turn into sinus infections. I started your HEAD RELIEF and SINU-FORTE II and I haven't had a headache since. Thanks for these wonderful products.
--Joel Cooper


I got in a car accident a few months ago and got a whiplash. I was having bad headaches and neck and shoulder pain. I started physical therapy but I was still having a lot of headaches and pain. My physical therapist told me about your HEAD RELIEF, so I ordered some because Advil and Aleve really upset my stomach. HEAD RELIEF has dramatically helped the frequency and severity of my headaches and really helps to relieve the tightness in my neck and shoulders. Thanks for making this exceptional formula.
--Lance Mc Kenna


I was always getting headaches with my PMS. I can't take any drugs for the pain because they always really hurt my stomach. I was so happy to find your HEAD RELIEF. I take HEAD RELIEFand your WOMAN'S RHYTHM, and not only are my headaches gone, but so is my PMS.
--Julie McKease



HERBA-LAX has been such a lifesaver for me. When I travel I really get constipated. Between the flying and the lack of exercise my bowels really bind up. HERBA-LAX keeps me regular without causing any discomfort at all! Thanks for this excellent product.
--Lorraine Levy


I've always had sluggish bowels. I've tried introducing fiber, more exercise, thyroid support, drinking more water and a host of other things. If I take 3 capsules of HERBA-LAXdaily I have no problems at all. And I love that I don't get any cramping or diarrhea. Thanks for this wonderful formula.
--Bill Herrick


I fell off my motorcycle and broke my leg and foot. I had to be on a lot of pain medication which can cause severe constipation. HERBA-LAX came to my rescue and boy am I grateful. Sincerely, 
--Dennis Murray



My doctor said I needed to start taking some kind of fiber supplement and I wanted one that wouldn't make me bloat up. I also didn't want any chemicals in it. I've tried psyllium-containing formulas and I always felt very bloated, and most other products either gave me the runs or constipated me. I started yourINTESTA-CLEANSE II and I love it. It's very gentle on my stomach and I have no bloat and my bowels are very regular. Thanks for this product.
--Henry Chapell


I have a very sensitive digestive system, but I tend to have sluggish bowels and I do have high cholesterol. I knew I needed to get on a good fiber supplement, but I was apprehensive because most of them cause me a lot of gas and pain. I discovered your INTESTA-CLEANSE II and I'm so pleased. It agrees with my system and my cholesterol is even coming down. Sincerely,
--Tammy Huchinson


I have Candida and it has caused damage to the walls of my intestines. I was having a lot of bowel issues; gas, bloat, constipation, etc. I started CAND X and INTESTA-CLEANSE II and I feel so much better. My bowels are normal for the first time in years and the gas is so much better. These products are terrific!
--Debbie Appleton



Everything I was eating was giving me terrible gas. I got checked out by my doctor and he said everything looked OK. I tried the over the counter products but nothing has given me the relief that your INTESTA-SOOTHE has. Thanks for a much needed product.
--Steven Goldblum


I love your INTESTA-SOOTHE! I take it anytime I feel any gas building up in my intestines and INTESTA-SOOTHE takes it right away. A lot of times I take it with a meal if I know the meal might cause me to have gas and bloat and it really helps prevent it. Thanks for this fantastic supplement.
--Carol Garvey


INTESTA-SOOTHE has been a great product for me to aid in my digestion. I get a lot of inflammation and bloat when I eat and my abdomen swells up so much I have to unbutton my pants to get some relief. INTESTA-SOOTHEreally helps me digest my food so I don't end up with a lot of gas pains and bloating. Thanks a million for this one!
--Julie Gardenson



I suffer from daily headaches and had been popping Aleve like candy. My doctor ran my yearly blood work and said my liver and kidney values were alarmingly high. I immediately stopped the Aleve and started yourLIVER/KIDNEY and HEAD RELIEF. My lab results are coming back down to normal and I'm finally getting rid of my daily headaches. This is a great product!
--Jackie Barnes


I had been given a very strong antibiotic for a tooth abscess years ago. Ever since taking that antibiotic I had periodic kidney pain. You suggested I try your LIVER/KIDNEY formula. It has really helped me and I haven't had any kidney pain since. Thank you for this remarkable product.
--Michele Brantenberg


I'm a manicurist dealing with chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetone, toluene and acrylic five days a week. My lab work showed that my liver enzymes were raising and that my kidney function markers (bun and creatinine) were also elevated. I heard about your LIVER/KIDNEYand started it right away. My doctor says everything is looking good now. Thanks so much.
--Candice Fulton



I took Tylenol for years for a back injury. It really did a number on my liver. My liver counts were really high. I heard about LIVER SUPPORT and started taking it. Within one month my counts started going down and now my levels are back to normal. Many thanks.

--Jeff Walens


I work as an auto mechanic and am exposed to a lot of chemicals. I was feeling run down and my joints were achy. I decided to try LIVER SUPPORT and was amazed at how much better I feel. Great product!
--Russ Donavan


I have Hepatitis C and have been using LIVER SUPPORT for several years. It has really helped keep my liver enzymes at a healthy level and my viral load down. Thanks for a wonderful product! It's made a big difference in my life.
--Jack McCary



I was getting bronchitis every winter for the past 4 years. I heard about your formulas and decided to try your RESPRA-CLEAR and yourDEFENSE BUILDER II. This combination has been amazing for me. I start them right when the weather begins to get cold and take them through the winter. I'm on my third year and so far so good! 
--Rachel Greenwood


I'm a serious bike rider and often have to bike in smoggy areas. I was having trouble with my lungs; they were hurting and felt tight and restrictive. I started your RESPRA-CLEAR and I can really feel a difference in how much better my lungs feel when I exercise and my exercise tolerance has increased. Thanks!
--Steven Reece


I've been a hairdresser for ten years and I'm around a lot of chemicals. I've had periodic bouts with asthma and I didn't want to be on steroids. A client told me about your products so I decided to try your RESPRA-CLEAR and yourDEFENSE BUILDER II. I take these two everyday and they really help my respiratory system. My lungs feel a lot stronger. Thank You!
--Donna Gainesburg



When I moved to Oregon I started getting a lot of sinus infections and allergies (runny nose and sneezing) due to the high pollen counts here. My friends told me about your SINU-FORTE II and your ECHINACEA & GOLDENSEAL FORMULA. I started this combination and I'm feeling so much better. My sinuses are clear and my nasal symptoms have gotten dramatically better.
--Holly Stanford


I work at a ranch with a lot of animals and around a lot of dust and hay and wood shavings. My sinuses were really paying a price. When I got to work, I could feel a band start tightening around my sinuses and I would begin to feel my lungs constricting. I started taking your SINU-FORTE II and your RESPRA-CLEARand now I feel like I can go through the day and feel good. This has been a great combination for me. Thanks!
--Jim Brooks


I have a narrowing in my sinus passages so I am prone to sinus infections and sinus headaches. When I start feeling these symptoms coming on, I immediately start taking your SINU-FORTE II and your HEAD RELIEFand so far I'm doing great!
--Tyler Kettenridge



I'm an accountant and have to remember an extraordinary amount of information for my job. I had begin to feel mentally drained and was having a very hard time focusing on the details of my clients' accounts. I began taking TOTAL RECALL and right away felt a hughe difference in my clarity of thinking. Thanks so much for this great product.

--Mary Adams


My son is in AP math in high school and was really struggling with focus and attention issues. I did not want to give him any drugs so I thought I would try your TOTAL RECALL. It is amazing how well he can cope mentally with this challenging class now. This is an exceptional product. Thank You!
--Lori Sanders


I noticed when I reached my mid-forties I started having trouble with my short-term memory and with focusing at work. I started theTOTAL RECALL and right away I felt a huge difference in my memory and my ability to focus. I love this product!
--Darryl Fields



I was plagued with recurring bladder infections. I ride horses and as I've gotten older it seems I'm much more prone to bladder infections after riding. I was so happy to find URI-CLEARbecause my doctor kept giving me antibiotics. Then I would get a terrible yeast infection even if I took a probiotic to prevent one. The URI-CLEAR has really saved me. I take 2 or 3 capsules before I ride and 2 or 3 capsules after I ride and I'm doing great. Thanks for your fabulous product. 
--Chelsea Walters


Every time I had sex I would get a bladder infection. It was putting a real strain on my relationship. My doctor suggested I just stay on an antibiotic indefinitely. I knew that was not a good thing. You put me on your URI-CLEAR and your CAND-X because you knew I had Candida from all of the antibiotics I had been taking to control the bladder infections. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not have these bladder infections. Thank you for your expertise and your great formulas! 
--Anna Quinn


I was having problems with a weak urinary stream and dribbling. My friend who had a similar problem told me about your URI-CLEARso I decided to get it. It has really made a change for me. I can feel that my stream is a lot stronger and I am not having the dribbling now. Thanks for this very effective product.
--Jeremey Dalton



I used to have terrible PMS. It felt as if it lasted the whole month and got really bad a week before my period. I was also starting to get some hot flashes. My friend told me how much WOMAN'S RHYTHM helped her so I tried it. My moodiness, irritablity, bloating and hot flashes are much better. The first two months I took WOMAN'S RHYTHM all month long and now I just take it 2 weeks before my period. It has really been a life-saver and my boyfriend is so grateful.

--Laura Santana


I was on the Pill for 7 years to "regulate" my periods. You told me the pill tells your body you're pregnant and that I wasn't even having a real period, that it was "withdrawal" bleeding for the week every month that I didn't take the pill. So, when I went off of the pill, my cycles were worse than ever. You tested me for Candida which I got from taking the pill and I was full of it. You started me on the WOMAN'S RHYTHMalong with your Candida diet and your CAND-X. I am feeling so much better. My cycles are finally getting regular and my gas and bloat from the Candida is going away. Thanks for everything!
--Sarah McDonald


Two weeks before my period I get a terrible headache which verges on a migraine. I knew my hormones were off. You tested me and said I had high levels of Estradiol (the estrogen that causes a lot of problems) and not enough Progesterone to balance the Estradiol. You put me on your WOMAN'S RHYTHM and your HEAD RELIEF and the headache cycle has finally stopped. Thank you so much for these exceptional products.
--Cameron Myers




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