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My horse, Sailor, had been kicked badly in the leg while in her corral. She needed stitches and there was a tremendous amount of swelling. The vet said it would probably be a few months before Sailor could go back to her regular work schedule. When I called you about Sailor, you suggested I use BOSWELLIA to take down the inflammation, to increase the circulation to the injured area and to decrease the pain. I was amazed at how fast she started to heal after I began giving her your BOSWELLIA. I only gave her bute for two days because she began to feel so good after being on the BOSWELLIA. And, she was back to her regular work in 10 days! Sailor and I are so grateful for your products.
Paige Sheller, Jackson, Wyoming

Touch, my 14 year old Warmblood, could barely stand and was trembling after the farrier cut his hooves horribly short. The vet was appalled and was afraid Touch might founder. He wrapped Touch’s hooves, gave him a painkiller and bute and said Touch might have to stay on the bute indefinitely. I stared giving Touch your EZ MOTION and BOSWELLIA right away. Touch healed so quickly, and he never did founder! He only needed the bute for about 4 days because the vet said that all of the heat and inflammation were out of his legs and hooves by then. The vet was really impressed with Touch’s progress. Then, I also began giving Touch your HEAD TO TOE and his hooves grew back so fast that within 3 weeks we started back to work. The vet had thought it would take about three months. I love your products! Thank you!
Yvette Lang Einczig on her "Landino"
"Landino" uses Mann Formulations
Theresa Bloom, Lafayette, Indiana

I use Mann Formulations EZ MOTION, EZ MOTION II, BOSWELLIA, HEAD TO TOE and RESPRA-EASE. These are the best products I have ever used for my horses and I've tried just about everything!
Yvette Lang-Einczig
5 time USEF National Horse of the Year Adult Equitation Champion
Winner of 7 Adult Medal Finals


My horse Chicago is an endurance horse. We go for hours on steep terrain. He loves this sport and I wanted to give him something to boost his energy and endurance. I read about your ENDURA PLUS and started him on it about a year ago. It’s been incredible! He has so much more energy and stamina and seems to recover much faster. It’s really made a huge difference in his performance. Thanks for a phenomenal product!
Paul Baton, Deerfield, New Hampshire

Joey is a 12 year old Irish Draft horse. He can jump the moon, but it takes an act of congress to get his motor going. I stared giving him your ENDURA PLUS and he’s like a different horse. He’s moving with his own impulsion now and I’ve even stopped using my spurs. My trainer can’t believe it. This product has made my life so much easier.
Manny, Manny Thanks!
Sharon Devine, Annville, Pennsylvania

Regal is my dear Quarter horse that I have owned for 16 years. He’s 22 now and was beginning to slow down. I knew that he still loved his work so I was looking for something natural to give him that would give him back his old pep. We sure found it in your ENDURA PLUS. Once I stared giving it to him, he had his old energy back. I could tell his stamina was so much better because he didn’t slow down and stop when we were working. We’re even back to going on our trail rides after our work-outs and climbing some pretty steep hills too. Thanks for giving me back my horse!
Jake Bishop, Reston, Virginia

Photo by: Jacquie Moore  
Grand Prix Champion "Andale"
using Mann Formulations EZ MOTION

Andale is our Grand Prix jumper champion. While on EZ MOTION, he has won the $25,000 EMO Grand Prix at HITS Tahoe 2002 and many other top placings in numerous Grand Prix events throughout the years. He has stayed completely sound through it all, and I attribute it to your EZ MOTION. I have over 40 horses on your EZ MOTION , and it is the best joint supplement I have ever seen. Our horses are on a rigorous campaign schedule and EZ MOTION has kept them all going strong for over 10 years. I am confident this is the best and most comprehensive joint supplement on the market. Thanks again for another fabulous product.
Clare Warren, Archway Equestrian Sports, Bothell, Washington

My horse Dakota is 25 years old. I have owned him for 14 years. When I bought him, he had been campaigning hard as a Hunter/Jumper. After having him for about 2 ½ years he started getting very arthritic in his left hind ankle. Due to some poorly placed cortisone injections into his left ankle (before I bought him), he also had a very thick, tight band of scar tissue urrounding his ankle. The band of scar tissue was becoming so tight that he was having trouble putting his hoof all the way down to the ground. I tried every kind of wrap, sweat and liniment that I heard of. I also tried all the various joint supplements on the market, but nothing really seemed to make a difference. I had my farrier make a special shoe for him which helped some, but what really made the difference was your EZ MOTION ! I heard about it from a friend of mine at the barn and I immediately started giving Dakota 2 scoops daily. Your product allowed me to ride, jump and show my horse for 11 years when I thought I was going to have to retire him. Dakota still gets a hard workout every day, and it seems he has more and more mobility each day on his EZ MOTION. Thank you for this amazing product!
Paula Simmons, San Diego, California

My 19 year old mare, Dinah, has ringbone and bad arthritis. She was getting so stiff and uncomfortable that I thought I would have to retire her. I started her on your EZ MOTION 2 months ago, and it’s like I have a different horse. She’s running around in her corral and I have even started her back to work. I can’t believe it! She’s acting like she did when I bought her 10 years ago. I also gave it to my 11 year old Shepard and he’s feeling great too. It’s remarkable!
Karl Cornell, Germantown, Tennessee

Our horse, Sarah, who is 21 years old, foundered (had laminitis) about three years ago. It was so bad she could barely move. The vet said she would probably have permanent damage and that we would have to retire her or might even have to put her down. He gave her bute, and said to keep her on it, but after a few weeks we started giving her your EZ MOTION instead. I didn’t want to keep her on bute continuously because of the side-effects. Sarah has been on the EZ MOTION ongoing with no bute for three years and she’s doing great We got back to our regular workouts after a few months, and she’s stayed completely sound. I really believe this product saved her life!
Julie Ireland, Sarasota, Florida

I recommend Mann Formulations EZ MOTION as a superior all-inclusive equine joint nutritional product.
----Richard L. Stevens, D.V.M.
Conejo Valley Veterinarian Hospital
Thousand Oaks, CA


My horse, Royale, is on a very rigorous training schedule. We do barrel racing and it was beginning to take a toll on her hocks and legs. I had called you regarding Royale about a year ago. She was getting some arthritis and was feeling very stiff. She really did not want to move forward at all, let alone do any tight turns. You had suggested the EZ MOTION along with the EZ MOTION II, to help her mobility and to prevent inflammation. This has been a great combination for her. I keep her on both products and it has truly been a miracle. I was thinking I would have to stop competing, but these products have made it so that we can still compete and she feels fantastic. I can’t thank you enough!
Cheryl Greene, Bakersfield, California

"Luke" ridden by Jessie White


My horse, Luke, had a severe deep tendon flexor injury that the vet said would take at least 6 months to heal. I put Luke on your EZ MOTION, EZ Motion II and BOSWELLIA. It was amazing! He healed completely in half that time, less than three months. The vet couldn’t believe it. Luke’s doing incredibly! He’s jumping and competing again and you would never know he ever had an injury. These products are really a powerful combination! Deborah Deeley M.D., Westlake Village, California


I have been using FUNG-X for 2 years for my horse, Murphy. Where we live gets very damp and humid and he was having a terrible time with fungus on his coat. Before starting the FUNG-X, literally all of the hair on his body had fallen out. I was mortified. My friend said you had a product that I could give Murphy to take internally to help with fungus. I stared him on the FUNG-X as soon as I found out about it and he has kept his beautiful coat ever since. I can’t thank you enough!
Sally Jurgens, Ocala, Florida

I had to put my horse, Savannah, on three weeks of antibiotics for a very deep wound she got when she was running in her turnout. After the antibiotics she had severe diarrhea and was very “gasy.” I gave her a probiotic formula with acidophilus and it helped a little, but she was still pretty bad. It was when I started giving her your FUNG-X that her gas and diarrhea cleared up! I wish more people knew about this great product.
Clay Craftsmann, Long Valley, New Jersey


My horse, Oliver, is on a very rigorous horse show schedule with a lot of traveling, about six months out of the year. Four months ago, he started losing his appetite and had some abdominal pain. The vet said it might be the start of an ulcer due to the high-stress level of campaigning. I wanted to try something natural first before starting Oliver on a medication, so I began giving him your GASTRO-PROTECT. He responded within a couple of weeks! He was much happier, had more energy and got his appetite back. The vet said, “Keep him on that,” and that’s exactly what I’m doing! Thanks for another great natural product.
Carole Gardener, Wheeling, Illinois

Ranger was diagnosed with gastric ulcers. He had dropped weight because he had lost his appetite and he had started to have recurrent colic. I told the vet I wanted to try Ranger on your natural GASTRO-PROTECT first before I put him on any medication. He said, “Give it a try.” Ranger has been doing great on GASTRO-PROTECT. It’s been 6 months and he hasn’t had any colic, he’s put back all of his weight and looks great! I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous product!
Debby Johnston, Tukwila, Washington

"Serendipity" uses HEAD TO TOE
Photo by Jackie Moore

I am a professional trainer in the Hunter/Jumper industry for the well-known Holly Hill Farm in Bothell, Washington. I have been using Mann Formulations products since 1994. I have been so impressed with these products that the 47 horses in my care are all on HEAD TO TOE and most are also on EZ MOTION and many other Mann Formulations products. Our farrier is sold on HEAD TO TOE because of the great hoof quality and hoof growth of the horses on it. One of our Grand Prix jumper champions, “Andale,” came to us with very weak, cracked hooves. We could not even keep shoes on him. We immediately put him on HEAD TO TOE and he started growing strong healthy hooves and never again had any trouble keeping his shoes on. Our nutritionist is extremely impressed with the contents of HEAD TO TOE and with the shine of the coats of our horses being supplemented with it. Our horses and ponies are consistent winners at high level competitions and HEAD TO TOE and EZ MOTION have been apart of our regimen for over 10 years. Our champion pony “Serendipity” has won 26 championships and 17 reserve championships from 2002 thru 2005 all on HEAD TO TOE. Mann Formulations are absolutely fantastic products!
Clare Warren, Archway Equestrian Sports, Bothell, Washington

I’ve been using HEAD TO TOE on my 14 year old horse, Ingrid, for about 6 years now. I started using it because the saddlery where I buy my horse supplements said it was the best product available for the coat and hooves. Sarah had a severely dry, dull coat and she was always biting at her skin and rubbing against things to itch it. And, her hooves were terribly cracked. The farrier could barely keep shoes on her. I began using HEAD TO TOE at the “severe” dosage (2 scoops daily) for about three months. What a difference! My farrier could not believe the quality of her hooves. His exact words were, “Everyone should put their horses on that product.” I’ve had Sarah on one scoop daily ever since and her coat and hooves are beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful product!
Janis Cutler, Ogden, Utah

I have seen extraordinary results with Mann Formulations HEAD TO TOE. This is truly a remarkable hoof and coat supplement!
Dave Krahn, Farrier


I have a pony, Buttercup, that has foundered twice in the past. I didn't know how to prevent it again other than changing her feed to low carbohydrates. I learned about your INSULIN-RX and your MAGNESIUM-ULTRA. These have been a fabulous combination for Butter. She's feeling great and my vet says she looks wonderful. She hasn't foundered the whole year she's been on them. Thanks for your amazing products!
Bree Wallance, Lake Mary, Florida

INSULIN-RX has been such a great addition to my feeding program. I was having problems with laminitis with two of my show ponies. I had changed their diet and really restricted their sugar intake but they still had foundered. When I added your INSULIN-RX, it made all of the difference. Thank You!
Jill Gersen, Fresno, California



I was so happy to find your MAGNESIUM ULTRA. My horse Josh is a high-string thoroughbred. When the weather starts getting colder he really gets wound-up. I started giving him your MAGNESIUM ULTRA and it's made a huge difference when I ride and jump. I can tell it also relaxes his muscles because his back and neck used to get so tight and stiff. Thanks!
Kylie Westin, Arroyo Grande, California

I have a pony, Buttercup that has foundered twice in the past. I didn't know what to do to prevent it again other than changing her feed to low carbohydrates. I learned about your MAGNESIUM ULTRA and your INSULIN-RX. These have been a fabulous combination for Butter. She's feeling great and the vet says she looks fantastic. She hasn't foundered the whole year she has been on them. Thanks for your great products!
Bree Wallace, Lake Mary, Florida


RESPRA-EASE has really made a huge difference for my Warmblood gelding, Cody. Whenever he’s worked hard, particularly when jumping, he starts breathing hard and gets very winded. The vet scoped his throat but didn’t see anything that might be causing the problem. She said it was probably allergies. I started Cody on RESPRA-EASE about 6 months ago and he has so much more energy and stamina and his breathing is dramatically better. This is a fantastic product. I wouldn’t have known what to do without it.
John Hoffman, Arlington, Virginia

I began giving my horse, Logan, RESPRA-EASE about a year ago. He was having a lot of respiratory symptoms; coughing, sneezing, breathing hard and getting winded very fast. The different vets I had look at him never did find out anything wrong. We ran blood work, and scoped him, but nothing came up. One vet did an allergy panel and it turned out Logan was allergic to a lot of the trees and grasses at our ranch. I saw your RESPRA-EASE on your web site and thought I would try it for Logan. Since I’ve been giving Logan your RESPRA-EASE, almost all of his symptoms have totally disappeared. His cough is gone and he no longer gets winded, and only on really windy days does he sneeze a little. I feel like I have my horse back!
Sandy Steele, Indio, California


THYROFORTE has been such a wonderful product for my horse Bolero. He’s 10 years old and about 6 months ago I noticed his energy level really starting to go down. He’s my dressage horse and I felt he wasn’t carrying himself with the same energy and enthusiasm as usual. I also noticed he was putting on weight and we hadn’t changed his feed or his exercise program. I told my vet, so he ran some blood tests and it turned out Bolero’s thyroid was low. I asked the vet if I could try something natural. He said to try it for 2 months and then we would retest the thyroid. My friend uses your THYROFORTE on her horse and she loves it, so I decided to try it. Within 10 days my horse was back to his old self and with even more energy. When we reran the tests his thyroid was normal! He’s been on the THYROFORTE for six months now and he feels better than ever and his tests are staying normal. I love using something natural as I know there are side effects with synthetic thyroid. Thank You!
Paula Johnstone, Dearborn, Michigan

My horse, Magic, is a 15 year old Thoroughbred mare. She’s always had energy to spare up until about a year ago, when she seemed almost lethargic. I even started wearing spurs with her. I also noticed her coat looking dull and not being as sleek and shiny as normal. I knew something was wrong so I asked the vet to run some blood tests. I thought maybe Magic was anemic. It turned out that her thyroid was low. My vet knows I like to use all-natural products so he suggested your THYROFORTE. I was amazed at how fast it worked. Magic got her energy back, with some to spare! She’s been fabulous ever since we started her on the THYROFORTE. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Jenna Landis, Bellevue, Washington

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